sorry i havent been working on commissions

i’ll get back to them soon, and possibly reopen them indefinitely, because my parents are beginning to hold my tuition in front of me like a carrot to try to convince me not to visit my girlfriends family, because my mother is afraid of our relationship becoming any more serious. as a result, I may find myself without tuition soon.

this weekend i’m doing a comic blast (a timed comic project) to enhance my portfolio, so that i can hopefully find myself with a really nice internship/job soon so i can escape academia, since i may be cutting all financial ties with my parents within the next year. after this point, likely around october 27th, i am going to try to set up a consistent commission schedule, as it is becoming abundantly clear that I will require multiple jobs if i want to be financially independent.

i ask for your patience and support in this frustrating, time-sensitive, busy, and delicate time.

about those keychains…

hey, earlier i mentioned making cute plastic keychains out of my dragon age chibis.

what appeals to you all more, phone straps or keychains?

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Hay nerds,

If you have Origins but don’t have Dragon Age: Origins, you can now download the RPG for free, until October 15! Follow the link.



commission for vesloth!!!

for their dwarf princess, Dieter!!!

her purple recolor was fun and cute!! it was more work than i expected, but the result makes it worth it!! :^)

$8 pixel art commissions still open!!

commission for liquidlyrium!!!

for their custom Hawke, Quintus!

i had never even seen that outfit before this commission!! one day i will have all the dlc and be as pimped out as your hawke, lemme tell u

$8 pixel art commissions still open!!

when all this craziness is done im treating myself to some dad anders

commission for ashleyvvilliams!!!

for their warden, Draylen Amell!

honestly, i think i need to update my commission page to say; “specialty: smarmy male mages”

$8 pixel art commissions still open!!

commissions for dalishmarshmallow!!!!

for her Hawke, Shea, as well as cousin hearthrobs Sosigenes Lavellan and Ziya Surana

im finally working my way through all the inquisitor armors!!! :^D how exciting!!!

$8 pixel art commissions still open!!

commissions for valerie1972!!!

for her ocs, Hugo, Lanthe, and Nola!!

aaaaa i had a lot of fun with these three! im tired but i feel like im on a roll!!

$8 pixel art commissions still open!!

commission for songlord!!

commission for this gay weenie here


im a bird of my word. :V

$8 pixel art commissions still open!!