commission for mmdmal

$8 pixel art commissions are back open again!! hurrah!

here’s the first batch of babes; Axel Hawke and Victor Amell!!

image image

thanks for the commission, and the patience with my living situation!  i marathoned these as soon as i was able! (●ゝω・)~☆


okay realtalk,

if youre going to reblog someone’s art and you’re too lazy to take 2 seconds to pop by their blog and see what their gender/pronouns are, then at least have the decency to use the neutral “they.”

im really sick and tired of people calling me “she” and “her” and “ma’am” on reblogs that shit is not cute and im a little disgusted tbh

every time i think im over my cassandra crush, i see a pic of her and adele starts screaming in my head



getting a manly dorian-pavus inspired haircut before classes start B^)

watch out, cis boys

im gonna be the cutest guy at my art school

not sure whether to play DA:I as my lady adaar or as juriel, my transguy elf

esp because i just transitioned and i just came out so i want to be called a he, but then i already got all attached to my lady adaar

hhhh i dont know :^(

taokan asked: Dropping by your inbox to say that your beautiful trans and nonbinary posts brought me so much happiness, and clicking the link to this blog came as just such a pleasant surprise because I'd followed you before, and seeing your name cross my screen again with the added realization that you were like me, was just the most lovely feeling. As a genderfluid transman, seeing your coming out go so well, and you so happy, has made my day so much better than it was. Thank you for that, for being you.



thank you so much!!!

i began the process of transitioning in late january; by which i mean i finally began to question why, ever since i was a little kid, ive felt uncomfortable sometimes when people call me “she,” “lady,” “girl,” etc. and why i’ve always felt right when someone calls me “sir”- even if it’s followed by a hasty apology - Oh Im Sorry Ma’am I Wasnt Really Looking

i was afraid to come out, not just because i was afraid of people’s reactions, but because i know what coming out does; when i first came out as pan about 2 years ago, i finally began to realize that i was much “gayer” than i thought. i was worried that would happen again, i would come out as gf, and suddenly i would be confronted with my gender, with the discomfort i feel when people just assume im a girl

and of course it did, but it was all for the best. i finally told my girlfriend and she was so sweet about it; i almost cried

heh, its funny because ophelia was a cis girl back when i still thought i was a cis girl, and then when i knew i wasnt, they transitioned with me. i was scared to tell anyone though, so i just changed their character page without making a post about it at first (yes, ophelia is officially trans)

i should really post more trans headcanons here; i do on my other blog all the time. theyre so important; it feels so good to be validated, even by fictional characters.

gender things: the dramatic saga unfolds


yes, today is the day i come out to everyone as genderfluid

please seriously i need you to know this stuff; at least read a little…

the cliff notes version: (if you dont want to read the damn novel i just wrote under the cut, although the “novel” will help provide a more complete understanding)

preferred pronouns? they/them/their

are you going to dress differently? im going to wear whatever the hell i want, thanks (but i will dress a little differently, thank god for binders)

but u look like a girl to me????? well tough shit

did you come out to your family? surprisingly, yes, i told my mom; it turns out she didnt identify as a cis woman until she was 40??? holy shit????

…is this why you wrote so many trans headcanons, you fucking nerd? hell yeah. hell yeah.

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Adam Howden voice files in Fable, courtesy of givethemhorns.  This batch becomes NSFW about halfway through- listen with headphones if you need to.

(via cheesiestart)

almost to 1000 on this blog….

is it time for an art giveaway? im pretty sure its time for an art giveaway. :^)

wow way to post this past midnight when no one will see it A+ plan, me

but seriously:

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